Stay Together:for you and the planet

By pioneering the launch of disposable sanitary pads, MODESS®helped women change their habits and brought them the option of feeling comfortable during their period. This freedom has empowered women over generations, but it has also brought the responsibility to take care of the planet so that future generations of women can also continue to progress. MODESS®is always evolving in the development of its products to support women's progress and the care for the planet, whether in the rigorous choice of raw materials for our products, in the development of more sustainable solutions or in supporting social causes.

Made with about 70% renewable source materials

To ensure your health and your safety, our products undergo an extensive, robust, and judicious process for evaluation,starting with the raw materials until the final product.

  1. MODESS®it is made with about *70% renewable source materials and consists of only 9 materials, so you stay safe and comfortable during menstruation. *applicable to certain variants only
  2. Our evaluations are made by Gynecologists and Dermatologists and our products contribute to women’s health.

Making disposable products more sustainable

MODESS®is committed to reducing the impact of its products on the environment through the following initiatives:

  • 100% of manufacturing waste is recycled or intended for power generation in the manufacture of other products.
  • The partnership with Pantys® regarding the development and sale of reusable absorbent panties.

By 2025, our goal is to maximize our sustainable actions by reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging and evaluating even more sustainable materials.

Our dedication to science, health and female progress goes beyond MODESS® products. Learn how Johnson&Johnson Consumer Health is developing actions for a healthier planet.