What’s the Right Sanitary Napkin for You?



Before the advent of disposable menstrual pads, women used grass, rabbit skin, rags, cotton or sheep’s wool to absorb their menstrual flow. Thankfully today there are many more appealing choices when it comes to disposable sanitary pads. There are ultra thin pads for light days and when you want to ensure your pad doesn’t show under your clothing, more absorbent and longer pads for heavier days, pads with wings for added security and all night pads that help prevent annoying tagos especially on days when bulwak (or sudden gush) is a problem.

When choosing a pad, consider your menstrual flow and your lifestyle. Modess understands that today’s women are always on the move, and comfort and protection are key when having your period. We look at the different types of Modess napkins available to suit your different needs.

Feel Free and Easy on Light Flow Days

If you have naturally light periods or it’s just one of those light flow days, Modess Cottony Soft Maxi Regular is a great choice, including during those pahabol days, for example, the tail-end of your menstrual flow. Featuring a raised Instacapture center, you can rest assured stains are prevented, while keeping you dry and comfortable. The PADtaSTICK back cover helps hold the pad firmly in place so there’s no worry about it coming unstuck or risking unsightly tagos.

You also get to choose if you prefer wings — which are great if you are very active as they help hold the pad in place as well as prevent bunching — or want to go “wingless” for example, on lighter flow days.

Greater Protection on Heavy Flow Days

Heavy periods are part and parcel of a woman’s monthly cycle, usually on the second and third day of your period. Make your life simpler during such days by doing away with worrying about period leaks. Modess All Night Ultra Thin sanitary pads lock in fluid 100 times their weight, ensuring you always feel secure and dry. Wings provide added security while the cottony-soft pad will help you feel comfortable and confident. For girls who want to be sigurista (super sure) around the clock, Modess Day & Night is perfect, especially if you are always on the go.

Yearning for a good night’s sleep even during your period? For sweet dreams and no worries in the night, opt for Modess All Night. The pad’s extended back leak guard, wider design and wings ensure you won’t wake up to bloodstains on your bedsheet and nightclothes.

Discreet Protection Whenever You Want

Just because you have your period doesn’t mean skinny pants and leggings have to take a backseat. Ultra-thin pads such as Modess Cottony Soft Ultra Thin Regular give you the freedom to choose if you want to wear body-skimming clothing while staying active, including under gym clothes when you are working out, or while you are increasing your endorphins (a great stress buster!) in a hip hop dance class. This particular pad by Modess follows your body movements and contours so you don’t need to worry about leaks and stains, while wings ensure the pad doesn’t move out of position, even on your most active days.

If you love feeling lightweight throughout your period including in your sleep, Modess All Night Ultra Thin is a great option when you need all-night protection but don’t want the sensation of something heavy down there.