Why Every Girl Needs a Period Survival Kit



You don’t always get signs that your menses is coming. Getting your period when you’re away from home need not be unpleasant or a hassle when you are well-prepared. Here’s what every girl’s period survival kit should have.

A Pouch or Purse

Keep your period essentials in a small pouch that fits easily into your handbag or locker.

Tip: a trendy make-up bag actually doubles-up well as an emergency period kit.

1. Sanitary Pads

Pack your favorite menstrual pads into a pouch or purse. Luckily, Modess has many different types for both light and heavy days.

Tip: have at least three to four pads comprising of a mix of Modess Regular and All Night pads for a whole school or work day. Stay clean and fresh by changing your pad every four to six hours.

2. Underwear

Keep spare underwear for your period. This is especially important if you have an “accident” and need to change.

Tip: choose Modess sanitary pads with wings so your underwear doesn’t get stained so easily.

3. Tissue Paper/Wipes

Make sure your kit always has one or two packets of tissues. Wipes are also great for freshening up during a long day out.

Tip: wrap used sanitary pads in tissue paper before disposing, it’s more hygienic and thoughtful to the cleaners.

4. Small Plastic Bag/Thick Paper

Include small plastic bags or some sheets of thick paper for wrapping up used pads for disposal.

Tip: plastics bags are also handy to wrap soiled underwear for wash later.

5. Alcohol/Hand Sanitizer

Keep clean and hygienic with hand sanitizer.

Tip: this is really useful especially when the bathroom is out of soap!

6. Pain Medication

Dysmenorrhea, also known as period cramps, affects many women especially in the first couple of days of a period, so always be prepared with some pain-relief medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Tip: do you know that eating dark chocolate (with 70 percent or more cocoa) is said to help ease period cramps? Rubbing peppermint essential oil on your abdomen may also help soothe the pain.