Period Pro Tips for Your Daily Commute

Need advice on how to conquer your daily commute during heavy-flow days? Here are 6 pro tips for you!

Commuting in the tropics, you can also expect raging thunderstorms and unimaginably high floods, and this can seem like a cruel modern-day punishment at times. Apart from the unpredictable rain, the incredible press of people on the trains and buses with the humidity and dampness, it can turn even the most zen among us into fire-breathing dragons, especially if you’re already trying to mediate your monthly visitor. If the rush of people isn’t bad enough, the gush of discomfort can really have you clenching your teeth. Here’s a quick six-pointer on how you get around the most uncomfortably hot and inconvenient commuting scenarios!

Tips For Travelling During Periods

Buy yourself extra space

Yes, we literally mean buy extra space! Save up your spare change so you can buy more room for yourself at the shuttle service, bus or jeep because, in fact, you can actually pay for two when commuting! Which gives you more legroom and comfort, especially if you’re having some period pains or are averse to sitting to someone too closely while you’re sweating profusely. Just make sure to time it right – not when there’s an incredibly long line behind you and the person you’ve virtually just bumped off is a senior citizen or pregnant woman!

Mint Refreshes During Commute

Function + Fashion = On fleek

For when that unfortunate period day comes, it’s easier to wear light and comfortable clothes while on your commute, and pack an extra set of clothes you can chuck into your bag. You never know when you’ll need them to save the day when you get that unexpected stain! You wouldn’t wanna go the whole day in those clothes, now would you? Also don’t forget to wear snug undies - these keep your pad in place, and make it a lot easier to move around without feeling uncomfortable and squeamish. As for walking around, always go for cushioned footwear if your feet tend to swell up on or before your period.

Portable Sanitary Kit Helps During Periods

Menthol rub and mint relief

Carrying a small bottle of mentholated rub works wonders for heat or PMS-induced headaches, stomach cramps and nausea[1]. If you feel like you’re getting drained before you reach your destination, rub some onto the back of your ears and pop a mint in your mouth to feel the instant cooling relief!

Have a portable sanitation station

Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the front pocket of your purse or a pack of baby wipes in your pocket during your commute. Moist wipes in particular can be a commuter’s new bff - it helps you cool down and freshen up quick en route to your destination, as well as helping you do a quick pad change even in less-than-ideal public toilets!

Secure all bases! Don’t forget to equip yourself with the pad that you trust the most before heading out. There’s nothing worse than settling for one that’ll have you looking over your shoulder and checking your jeans for possible leakage (ugh).

Carry Extra Sanitary Napkins For Heavy Flow

Wear the right pads

Especially for those long distance commuters, you will not always have the convenience of changing your pad whenever you would like, so more likely than not, you are probably going to be wearing the same one your whole ride or walk. So it might be better to wear a longer pad or an extra absorbent one. This also keeps you feeling safer and more confident from unexpected overflow. Even a tampon might help, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Stock up on pads

Sometimes, your period surprises you with an unwanted heavy flow - even worse, when you’re already out of your house. The safest thing you could do is always bring extra pads with you wherever you go. You really never know when you’re gonna need it! Having extra pads could even save your friend when she doesn’t have any. Just always be prepared.

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