Keep Moving at home

Maintain a proper menstrual hygiene so you can keep moving even at home!

            Feeling overwhelmed with stress? You’re not alone.The current situation we’re in may be causing underlying stress for many.One may experience headaches, chest pains, breakouts, and anxiety due to stress. It can also cause havoc with your menstrual cycle.During these unprecedented times, stress is most likely the culprit behindyour late periodor dysmenorrhea.Changes in your routine, exercise and sleeping patterns, and eating habits can affect your cycle too![1]While you are practicing vigilant hand washing and sanitizing, don’t forget to do the same hygiene care down there.Here are some tips on how you can maintain a proper menstrual hygiene so you can keep moving even at home:

  1. Engage in light exercise. Sitting still can make you feel worse, so it’s important to keep moving. Stretching and yoga help increase blood flow, which can reduceperiod cramps. You can also try Zumba dance workout; it is a great way to strengthen your heart and boost your mood.[2]
  2. Get enough sleep.Getting quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health.Lack of sleep affects your immune system. But cramps and aching muscles can keep you up at night during your period.Try to sleep in fetal position, curling up on your sides with your knees bent. This position reduces tension around your corethat makes your menstrual cramps worse and can help ease your discomfort as you might be less likely to leak.[3]
  3. Drink lots of water. Drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water a day to ease bloatingcaused by your period. It is important to flush toxins and toxic substances out of your system.Staying hydrated will also help you keep a stable, balanced mood throughout the day.[4]
  4. Try not to eat too much junk foods.Don’t give in to your cravings for fatty, sugary, and salty foods. Skip the doughnuts and potato chips. Go for nuts like almonds and walnuts, yogurt and dark chocolate instead. Eat more leafy green vegetables andwater-rich fruits.These contain compounds that combat inflammation.It’s normal to have cravings during or after your period.You might feel the need for comfort food given the mood swings. Eat the foods you enjoy, but keep in mind that moderation is key.[5]
  5. Change your pads frequently. Don't leave them in for more than 4 hours. This way you don't end up with menstrualodor and infections.Luckily for us, we have sanitary napkins such as Modess Cottony Soft Regular, which is designed to fit your body for superior protection so you can move comfortably. For heavier flow, use Modess Cottony Soft AllNight pads that give added protection from sudden gushes and back leaks.[6]
  6. Wash yourself properly. It’s important to keep your vaginal area clean especially during periods.Use warm water and diluted soap to wash the area. However, using vaginal hygiene products during your period might be a bad idea. The vagina has aself-cleaning mechanismand these artificial hygiene products can hamper the natural process leading to growth of bacteria and infections.[7]
  7. Wear comfortable and clean underwear. While using the right sanitary pad is essential, it is also important to wear comfortable and clean underwear during these days. Stick to cotton knickers to allow your pubic area to breathe. Tight thongs or underwear made of fabric can cause infections and bad odor due to sweating.[8]

Modess understands that women today are always on the move (even at home!), and comfort and protection are key when having your period. We look at the different types of Modess napkins available to suit your different needs.Feel drier and iwas-tagos with the new Modess. Now absorbs 2x faster for superior dryness and protection so you can Keep Moving on period days​.[9]