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Terms and Conditions

  1. This Promo is open to females, 18 years old and above, residing in the Philippines.
  2. To qualify for this Promo, the participant must follow all terms and conditions set by Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc., also referred to as the “Organizer”. Entries that do not comply with all terms, conditions, or requirements of the Promo shall be deemed as invalid, and shall not qualify for the Promo.
  3. Promo period is from September 14 – September 23, 2018. Deadline of submission of entries is on September 23, 2018 11:59PM.
  4. Announcement of winners is on September 25, 2018 via MODESS Angels Official Facebook page.
  5. To join the Promo, participants must do the following:
    1. Fill up the registration form here:
      1. Name:
      2. Address:
      3. Birthday:
      4. Email Address:
      5. Contact No:
      6. Upload a photo of yourself doing or experiencing something new in the past 6 months (JPG format; 5 MB Max)
      7. Caption (fill in the blank): Modess helped me move for this new experience by ______ #BagongGalawBagongMundo #ModessPH
    2. Submit and share your entry. Entry may also be shared on Facebook. Please note that your photo will be subject to the respective the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policies of Facebook and Instagram, which are applied independently of the terms and conditions, and the privacy consent of this Promo.
  6. Information submitted will be used by the Organizers of the Promo for the following:
    1. your registration and participation in the Promo, including selection and judging of entries;
    2. the Modess’ Promo digital content;
    3. the Modess’ marketing purposes including, at the Organizer’s exclusive discretion, posting of the Photo/s at the Modess’ social media account/s; and
    4. documentation of the Promo, including possible media coverage by the Organizer’s official media partners.
  7. Participants may send multiple entries.
  8. Winners Guidelines
    1. There will be a total of five (5) winners of the Promo. Each winner may bring one (1) more guest, who must likewise be at least 18 years of age, and a resident of the same locale of the winner to meet and greet Liza Soberano.
    2. Winners will be drawn randomly using a random generator, i.e., one from, in the presence of an authorized representative of the Department of Trade and Industry Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (“DTI-FTEB”).
    3. How to claim prize:
      1. Winners, as well as their respective guests, must be available on the date of the meet and greet to claim prize. For reasonable causes, the date of the meet and greet may be changed by the Organizer. Winners shall be notified of the change as early as possible under the then present circumstances.
      2. Prize is transferrable.
      3. MODESS will shoulder transportation, accommodations, and full-board meals of winners living outside of the National Capital Region and its nearby provinces (Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Bataan, Rizal, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon). For avoidance of doubt, the determination, and decision as to transportation, and / or accommodations providers, food, and items associated to the same, shall be the sole decision of the Organizers.
  9. All valid entries / submissions will be reviewed by the Organizers and authorized DTI representative. Any entry deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for posting, in Organizer’s sole discretion, will be disqualified and will be taken down immediately. The determination of the Organizers for this purpose shall be final. Inappropriate and unsuitable entries include, but shall not be limited to:
    1. Obscene, nude, explicit, graphic, profane, lewd, defamatory, crude, vulgar, offensive language, gang signs or sexual activity and/or symbols, content, data, images unsuitable for broadcast
    2. Gratuitous violence, gun or other imagery or gestures of weapons
    3. Commercial products such as clothing, toys, food and/or their trademarks, brands, logo or endorsements, or product images
    4. Hard liquor use, illegal drug or alcohol use or abuse
    5. License plates, phone numbers, personal addresses (physical or email) or otherwise
    6. Website or web page links
    7. Derogatory characterizations of any ethnic, racial, sexual or religious groups, humiliate other people (publicly or otherwise), any assault or threatening of others
    8. Illegal (discriminatory, harassing) or inappropriate activity, behavior or conduct (i.e, inflicting emotional distress)
    9. Any other content, display, materials and/or images that is or could be considered inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive, as determined by Organizer in its sole discretion
    10. Clothing worn in the photo should not contain any visible logos, drawings, cartoons, phrases, trademarks or other third-party material (including but not limited to music) that may otherwise violate or infringe (or may infringe) any person living or deceased (including but not limited to rights of privacy or publicity or portrayal in a false light) or entity.
    11. Copyright, trademark, logo, mark that identifies a brand or other proprietary right of any person living or deceased (including but not limited to rights of privacy or publicity or portrayal in a false light) or entity, trespass or the violation of other people’s rights or property or is otherwise objectionable, will not be considered and may disqualify the Participant.

    Any Entry not in compliance with the above requirements shall be disqualified and removed from the promo.

  10. By submitting her photo and by participating in the Promo, the participant declares that she is the owner of the entry; that she waives all rights to the photo, as well as her image/s in the photo, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, as well as right to publicity; that she has the consent of any other person appearing in the photo, as well as a similar waiver of all rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, and right to publicity) from any such persons. The participant also gives the Organizer full permission to use the said photo in its entirety, as well as any part thereof, for publicity and corporate information purposes in various media such as print, radio, TV, Internet and other multimedia outlets. The participant further warrants that she has obtained consent from any other person appearing in the photo on the use of the photo as herein described. By participating in the Promo, the participant also warrants that she has agreed to these terms and conditions. The participant, moreover, warrants that she shall assume full and exclusive responsibility and liability for any claims of any kind or nature from third parties, arising from, or in connection with any violation of this clause, and that she shall hold the organizer free and harmless from such claims, and shall fully indemnify the Organizer for all costs and expenses relative to such claims.
  11. Five (5) winners will be selected for the opportunity to meet and greet Liza Soberano on February 23, 2019 at the Johnson & Johnson Philippines office. Details shall be confirmed with the notification no less than a week prior the event. Each winner will be allowed 1 guest, who must also be at least 18 years of age, and residing in the same location as the corresponding winner.
  12. The determination of winners will be held in the presence of a DTI representative on September 24, 2018 4:00PM at DDB Philippines.
  13. The winners will be notified via registered mail, email, SMS and phone call with instructions on how to claim their prize.
  14. To redeem prize, winner must bring the following:
    1. Official winner’s notification (in the form of registered mail, email, and phone call)
    2. 2 valid IDs with the participant’s photo and signature (e.g company ID, school ID, SSS, Passport, other government issued photo ID)
  15. For winners outside of the National Capital Region and its nearby provinces (Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Bataan, Rizal, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon), Organizer will shoulder the transportation, accommodation and full-board meals.
  16. Employees of Johnson & Johnson Philippines Inc. (regular or contracted), DDB Philippines, its Advertising and PR agencies, participating sponsors and suppliers, including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the Promo.

      Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10968 Series of 2018