We can all agree that period days are the worst days of the month. It’s that time of the month when we tend to lie-low instead of the usual hustle and bustle. But life doesn’t stop for anyone, so you got to keep moving!

Our current situation is making it almost impossible to find a motivation to move (what more during your period, right?!), but you must continue working on becoming a better you. YOU CAN BE LIMITLESS, even if you think otherwise! Redefine your freedom to move with Modess!

Finally, the perfect pad for girls on the go! Introducing the new Modess Body Adapt Longs! The first and only Flexi-Move pad with a UNIQUE BODY ADAPT SHAPE that keeps its shape as you move, giving you 100% Freedom to Move. Designed with patented leak-lock channels that quickly absorb and safely spread liquid within the pad for protection. Now, you can move freely even on heavy flow days!

With the right pad, you can live your best life even on your period days! Never let anything get in your way. Go get ‘em, girl!