Modess #BeNextPeriodReady Challenge

Modess® #BeNextPeriodReady Tiktok Challenge
Promo Mechanics/Guidelines

1. What is the promo?

Dance to our #GenFree song and show us how you can #BeNextPeriodReady! Submit your video entry with the caption #BeNextPeriodReady on TikTok and get a chance to win one 1 year supply of Modess® products and PHP 20,000 cash.

2. When is the promo period?

The Modess® #BeNextPeriodReady Promotion runs from May 28, 2022 to June 30, 2022 on Tiktok.

3. Who can qualify for the promo?

a. Female residents of the Philippines aged 13- 34 years old. Parental consent will be required for minors.
b. Applicable local laws and regulations and company policies and guidelines will apply in determining the winner.
c. Terms and conditions will apply.

4. What are the prizes?

Winners Qty Prizes
Grand Prize Winner 1 1 year supply of Modess® and Php20,000 cash
Second Prize Winners 4 1 year supply of Modess® and Php5,000 cash


5. How to join?

Post your entry with the caption ‘‘I am (Name), and I am next period ready with Modess®. #BeNextPeriodReady’ on Tiktok.

Modess® #BeNextPeriodReady Tiktok Challenge

Type of Promotion: Sales Promotion
Promo Period: May 28, 2022 to June 30, 2022
Culmination/Awarding: July 14, 2022
Coverage: Female residents of the Philippines aged 13- 34 years old.

I. Full Promo Mechanics

1. The #BeNextPeriodReady Challenge (“Promo”) runs from May 28, 2022 to June 30, 2022 on Tiktok.

2. To join the Promo, simply submit a video entry on Tiktok of you doing the #BeNextPeriodReady Challenge. Show us how confident you are to move without the worry of any leaks! Post your video with the caption ‘I am (Name), and I am #NextPeriodReady with Modess®. #BeNextPeriodReady’ on Tiktok and make sure your account and video are set to public.

3. For the video and caption entries to qualify, the following guidelines must be followed:

i. The participant should use the Genfree song named “Modess TikTok”.
ii. The female Consumer should follow the choreography and flow of the challenge.
iii. The video should feature/show 2-3 different areas/backgrounds. Green screen background is allowed.
iv. The video should feature/show any Modess® products.
v. The video length should be at 15 seconds maximum.
vi. Videos are encouraged to be created in and under safe circumstances. If possible, videos should be done from the Consumer’s own home or own backyard.
vii. Video must be posted on the Consumer’s own Tiktok Account. Make sure that the video is discoverable, and it must be set to public.
viii. Video post must include the hashtag #BeNextPeriodReady.

4. Once guidelines are followed and the video with caption is posted on the Consumer’s own social media account, the Consumer must submit the link to her post, along with a screenshot of her post, to the Modess® microsite at www.Modess® Before an entry can be submitted, Consumer will be asked to [a] provide her contact details (full name, contact number, complete delivery address, and email address), [b] agree to the Privacy Notice and Consent, and [c] agree to the Promo Mechanics on the microsite.

5. Once the link to the post, screenshot of the post, contact details, and agreement to both the Privacy Notice and Consent, and Promo Mechanics have been submitted to the microsite, an email will be sent to the Consumer to confirm her entry.

6. Only female Consumers residing in the Philippines during the promo period from May 28, 2022 to June 30, 2022, are qualified to join the Promo. Applicable local laws and regulations and company policies and guidelines will apply in determining the winners.

7. Only one entry is allowed per account.

8. Among Tiktok video entries, the following winners will be determined:

Winners Qty Prizes
Grand Prize Winner 1 1 year supply of Modess® and PHP 20,000 cash
Second Prize Winners 4 1 year supply of Modess® and PHP 5,000 cash


9. Winners will be chosen by Johnson & Johnson Philippines, and a DTI representative on July 14, 2022, at 4:30 pm, at Johnson & Johnson Philippines located at Km 14, Edison Avenue, Paranaque, City.

10. All winners will be notified via registered mail and an email confirmation will be sent to the Consumer. JNTL Consumer Health (Philippines) Inc. (“JJPI”) or a representative from JJPI’s partner agency (“Agency”) will also call and message the winners to ensure and confirm that the notification gets to the winners. More so, winners will be posted through Modess’ Facebook Page for transparency.

11. Winners will be required to fully accomplish or secure, as applicable, and submit the following information and documents in order to avail of the prize:

i. Complete shipping address in the Philippines
ii. Duly signed agreement to the Full Promo Mechanics document (For minors, the agreement to the Full Promo Mechanics document must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.)
iii. Duly signed Privacy Notice and Consent document
iv. 2 valid government-issued IDs with picture and signature, such as

  1. Driver’s License
  2. SSS or GSIS
  3. TIN
  4. Passport
  5. Voter’s ID
  6. For minors, one of the two IDs may be an Official School ID. Exception will be made for minors that may only have 1 ID available.
  7. For minors, parental consent form, and birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority, and, when applicable, proof of legal guardianship.

12. For all winners, the redemption of prizes will be sent through their email address. JJPI Customer Care will email and notify the winners.

13. Winners who have not confirmed receipt of the notification registered mail within sixty (60) days from the date of sending of such notification registered mail or publication of the names of the winners whichever comes last, will have their prize forfeited in favor of JJPI with prior DTI approval.

14. Prizes are not transferable and/or convertible to cash by the winners.

15. Johnson & Johnson Philippines shall shoulder the 20% tax for prizes exceeding P10,000.00.

16. A winner can only win once. If a winner’s name is drawn more than once, prize of the greater value will be awarded.

17. An Entry may be selected to be a part of a Modess® video, which will be shown on all Modess® social media accounts. Entries chosen will be featured in a compilation video online.

18. All videos and photos submitted pursuant to or in connection with this Promo (all hereinafter collectively encompassed in the term “Entry” as used in this Promo) shall be the sole property of JJPI, which shall have the exclusive right to exhibit, publish, circulate, post, air, re-air, play, replay, edit, collate, print, digitize, or otherwise use (all hereinafter collectively referred to as “Use”) the same, whether in part or in whole, without any payment of any kind or consideration any individual whose likeness appears in any entry. Moreover, JJPI shall have the exclusive right to use any of the “Entry” materials submitted for any non-commercial purpose even beyond the Promo Period, including but not limited to post-promotion materials, digital archives, internal presentations, documentaries, and so on, without payment or further compensation to the Consumer.

19. For all questions or concerns, the Consumer may refer to or contact any of the following:

a. Modess® Website page -
b. JNTL Consumer Health (Philippines) Inc. Consumer Care Center at (02) 8368-8230
c. Modess® Angels Facebook Page (

II. Disqualification

a. All submissions will be reviewed. An entry that does not comply with the qualifications and requirements provided in the Promo Mechanics will be disqualified.

b. JJPI reserves the right to disqualify participants who hack or attempt to hack the Promo, manipulate any related documents, or try to unfairly influence the Promo or other participants in any way.

c. All employees of JJPI, its affiliates or subsidiaries and any other party/ies who are directly involved in organizing, promoting or conducting the Promo and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the Promo.

d. Violation of or non-compliance with any of the Promo mechanics and rules shall be a ground for automatic disqualification.

III. General Terms & Conditions

a. In no event shall JJPI, its affiliates or subsidiaries, be liable to the participants for any monetary amount greater than the value of the prizes due to the prize winner under the rules and regulations of this Promo.

b. The agreement to the Full Promo Mechanics document must be opted in before the Consumers submit each of their promo entries, as seen below and in the following section:

Agreement to Full Promo Mechanics
By participating in this Promo, Consumer agrees to be bound by the Full Promo Mechanics contained herein. Failure to comply with the said terms, conditions, rules, regulations, instructions or methods will result in Consumer’s disqualification.

The Promo shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. It shall be Consumer’s sole responsibility and obligation to ensure that she complies with and does not contravene any laws to which she may be personally subjected to.

II. Privacy Notice and Consent

Privacy Notice. We and our authorized service providers will collect and process your personal data to [i] enable you to participate in our Promo, [ii] execute Promo-related administration purposes, [iii] establishour customer relationship management with you, and [iv] provide information, send you offers, and conduct marketing activities and promotions on our consumer healthcare products through various media platforms.

We will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy which you may view at You may withdraw your consent at any time.

By participating in the Promo, you consent to the processing of your personal data as described in the Promo Terms and Conditions

If you are a minor, you expressly state that you have your parent’s consent to participate in this promo, to submit the information necessary to participate in the same, and your parent agrees to the waiver expressed in this paragraph.

I agree to receive consumer healthcare product information and updates, messages on events, programs and activities, promotional materials and marketing communications, through text/SMS, email, or other media platforms.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-143642, Series of 2022